I am Vrishank Chandavarkar aka. The Voice Author.

Storytelling has been one of my biggest passions as far as I can remember. Starting my career as a journalist, I surrendered to the beautiful profession of news reporting and video production. It was during that journey that I realized that I possessed a gifted voice. Soon I was recruited to voice Television promos, feature films and news stories. But I needed to take the next step and grow larger... Thus, Voice Author.

My "Why"

The decade between 2008 to 2018, is a 10 years period during which the nature of employment and basic income changed forever. It is a time during which the consequences of the Global Financial Crisis firmly established a new paradigm, "the Gig Economy". Every year a larger number of the over-all work force is becoming an established stakeholder in this system and to ignore it has proved detrimental to the conventional work force. Globalization, improving technology, e-commerce, student debts and social influence are all changing the basic nature of how we earn a living and how we become successful. This topic needs debate and introspection and most importantly navigators to make the transition from the convention to the new paradigm. And so I created The Voice Author.

My "How"

Surf the internet and you will find a number of influencers talking about success, life mastery, and financial freedom all yet ignoring the context in which the current workforce is dealing with. A lot of the courses out there focus on skills required without any context and relation to the majority of the workforce who are increasingly becoming frustrated with the status quo. I created the Voice Author as my own side hustle to create a debate about this transition from conventional employment to the gig economy while using my own work experience as the platform.

My "Who"

So who really is the biggest benefactor of my course? If you are a someone who's currently stuck in a job, trying to figure out your career path, wondering what you were meant to do and how you're going to get there, then the Voice Author is for you. If you're someone who doesn't know your life purpose and but wants to figure it out, then the Voice Author is for you. If you are some who's got your answers but can't get to execute on them, then the Voice Author is for you. If you are someone who's anywhere between hating your current job and creating the job you want, then the Voice Author is definitely for you.

My "What"

The Internet is a treasure trove of information and wisdom IF you can find it. What I have done is to navigate through that information and relate it within the context of my own experience to create a 5 Step Course that will help you not only find answers to your career's most pertinent questions but will also help your transition to the future.