The M.E.T.A.L. - A Preview

My Beliefs

In the years following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the world witnessed a number of technological advances in a very brief period, that accelerated the proliferation of Start-ups and new sources of income. The dynamics that these entities in turn created, lead to the destabilization of the traditional role of an employee, one which was largely catered for by globalized corporates. Then Outsourcing, Freelancing, Passive Incomes, E-commerce and numerous other job profiles challenged the traditional modus operandi of the employee. This in turn has left a whole host of millennials and post-millennials swimming dangerously in a sea of uncertainty. Mass Lay-offs, Large Student Debts, Poor Health and Attrition are the buzz words of my time and have all changed the definition of what it is to be an Employee. That is why I created The Voice Author. A platform to discuss and study the New Paradigm of Employment. Having been at the forefront many-a-time in the face of the myriad challenges of my time, I've gathered valuable life and professional experience which I hope to pass on to the new workforce. The Voice Author will explore key elements that every fresher must master in the first 10 years of his/her/their professional career. The 2020s in a post covid-19 era will conclusively define how the new workforce will earn a living and build a career.

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